the dump. the trash can. the bin. this will be a space where artists tash kahn and john ros will share studio conversations within the realms of the visual and conceptual in order to better understand the moment we occupy. this space is meant to be a private conversation, though others may chime in from time to time when necessary. this space will be archived chronologically and will be meant to act as a place to plop stuff, allow it to percolate and digest. our goals are for this space to serve our practice, with no real sense of audience or tangible result (though the very existence of this space already disproves that). we want this space to lead us — to move us — and to allow us to enter new spaces in our personal and collaborative art practices. contradictions welcome.

tash kahn’s image response sent to john ros via signal: 10 november 2019
john ros’ response to above picture sent via signal: 14 november 2019