some possible new questions for citizen:

What is your nationality?
Do you live in the country you were born in?
Have you ever changed your nationality?
Do you feel that you belong in the country in which you live?
Are you patriotic?
Are you political?
How involved are you in politics?
Do you agree with the actions of your current government?
Do you perceive yourself as privileged?
Where are you on the scale of privilege?
Have you ever used your privilege to further yourself?
What pronouns do you use?
Have you changed your pronouns at any point?
Are you still the same sex as the one you were assigned at birth?
Have you ever been the victim of racism?
Have you ever dated a person from a different race or social background?
How many friends from different nationalities do you have?
Have you ever been the victim of sexism?
Do you think gender equality is ever attainable?