The events in the UK over the past week have made me evaluate things and perhaps see art in a different way. Right now I feel that ‘real’ art lies in the community. In the conversations we have with people on a daily basis. In the time we take out to listen to other people’s stories. In the small gestures of kindness and compassion. In the respecting of other cultures. In the grass-roots community projects that spring up everyday – and the very act of being involved with them.

4 thoughts on “2019-12-16

  1. this makes me think of our exhibit, citizen and how one of our goals was to reach wide audiences, yet the exhibit was vandalized. with this renewed sense of community, how would we do things differently? how can programming help our cause? is our cause the community cause??

    also, the podcast you sent me to yesterday (with billy bragg) was thoughtful in the need to create new language around ideas of socialism. in particular the idea of holding those in power to account seems so important to where we are today. (as a reminder they were: 01. liberty, 02. equality and 03. accountability. — this resonates with me here because neither the gallery nor the council would release a statement about the vandalism at the time.

    1. God I was so angry about that. They couldn’t handle the failure; they didn’t want to look bad. Yet by remaining silent they showed us their true, cowardly colours. Unfortunately holding your hands up and admitting you’re in the wrong is not something some people are able to do nowadays.

      In answer to your question I would definitely do citizen differently now. I would take the show to the street – because our cause MUST be the community cause. The right audience can effect change and as artists, we must use our platform to engage these people.

    1. A citizen’s role in society has changed now. We are starting to rally against the subservient, consumer role that the powers that be have placed on us. With this in mind it has to be worth it. If I were to do it again, I would talk to people in the street instead of wandering around observing. We need to hear today’s voices and they need us to hear them.

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