as i consider notions of exhibition and venue i find myself puttering around in and out of the studio. distractions have been welcome because my practice has not allowed them for quite some time, but i also feel a need to formalize a couple of things, especially with 2019 wrapping up. i have been cutting and stacking old pieces again and thinking about where they might live. i started this in 2011 as a way to purge my studio storage. results shifted the work to a space of reusing and gathering old materials. it was a way of looking back while predominately staying present. it feels like this time in the studio is seeking similar clarity.

john ros, the suppression of awareness part 2:3, 2012
ongoing mixed media installation, detail: 44 x 40 x 6 in. | 112 x 101.5 x 15 cm
collection: gabarron foundation

adjacent to this main project of culling, there has been some interest in reworking a digital project i started in 2017. this digital drawings were made and sat dormant. the dust has been blown off … but how might they exist within this space of the current practice.

a final element i have been toying with, but have not yet formalized in any way is considering a way to work with images of war. i think of jacob lawrence’s war series and goya’s disasters of war. there is also nancy spero and leon golub. ha! i know that last link is a shameless, self-promotional plug!

i had played with goya’s series back in the early ‘oughts… with no success.

there are many things mulling. we’ll see what comes out the other side.

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